Rebecca Dridan


Research Interests

Current Research

Most of my current projects involve enhancing deep parsing with statistics, specifically using the PET HPSG parser. In October, 2011 I moved to the University of Oslo to take up a postdoctoral position on the WeSearch project. Previous to that, I was employed for two years on the OLE project (Online Linguistic Exploration: Deeper, Faster, Broader Language Documentation) at the University of Melbourne, where my main role was to produce large amounts of multilingual parsed text. Both project have involved looking at supertagging configurations that can prioritise robustness or efficiency. I'm also looking at using statistical information to improve parsing of under-resourced languages, through developing methods of training statistical models without manual annotation.

I have a few side projects involving parser evaluation, looking at questions regarding how deep parsers should be evaluated, what is common between different frameworks, and what these differences mean in practice.




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